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$#&*%@ X-MEN! [29 May 2006|06:09pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

OMG I'm so steamin' pissed! Now, I must warn you, X-Men has always been one of my BIG things. Have your way with Spider-Man and Superman, but X-Men and Batman are my dawgs - I know it every which way from Sunday. I hated the first X-Men movie - didn't sinq into my normal views of the X-Universe, detested it for having Magneto and Mystique working together *and she as HIS right hand woman - ARGH! - she's so much better than that!* But, X-Men Evolution came out the following Fall, and I came to accept this new extension of the X-Verse and took in the movie on a different level. I adored everything in X-Men United EXCEPT for the fact that I thought it was too Wolverine and no one else got any real plot points (they mentioned this or that, but every turn revolved on Wolvie).


Okay, we saw X-3 today, I wanted to tear the screen apart! First of all, I've been watching clips and studying faces for this movie for months, and Jubilee and Havoc were completely cut out when they've been in the credits for ages now! Kelsey Grammer as Beast - AHHHH! - Beast was intelligent, NOT FRASIER! That's all Grammer did, play Frasier in blue fur! Juggernaut - WTF!?! No, no, no, no, NO! ALL WRONG! Yes, let's completely neglect the reasons WHY he wears the helmet *and no it isn't to keep his "face pretty!"* and also leave out that he was Xavier's half brother. Not even one word as to what happens to my man Nightcrawler, and he was so great in the 2nd movie.

Now, the entire premise of the movie is that a "cure" has been made for mutants and Jean comes back from the dead as Phoenix. Within the first third of the movie Mystique is turned human and rejected by Magneto and we only see three seconds of her later on and that it! Cyclopse is killed by Phoenix, and so if Prof Xavier! They don't show Cy die so I kept assuming he would turn back up - BUT NO! Then they start throwing in random action scene after random action scene and completely neglect any character stories/developement or a real plot!

They have a moment in a battle scene where Rouge and Colassis are touching without problem - which is who Rouge marries in the series *b/c Col isn't effected by Rouge when he's metal* and Kitty and Bobby are too-close-for-comfort throughout the entire film. Rouge takes the cure and loses her powers and they just imply that Iceman's cool with it *no pun intended* and they hold hands. WTF? He's been dying to get with Kitty, now he wants Rouge again? And they had all these wonderful characters, like Arch Angel and Colos, who didn't get but 3 lines in the entire film. Colos said more in the second movie then he did in this one! And Arch Angel saves his father's life, you'd think there would be a few seconds of "I'm sorry" or some kind of repentance - but NOTHING! Devoid of all emotions! Let's also press on how Scooby Doo looked more realistic then the ice-covered IceMan.

They set up a part of the movie in the beginning talking about putting one person consciencness into a mentally dead person - this would have been the perfect solution for Jean's "dual personalities" - but no, instead Wolverine KILLS HER! Now, he kills her when there are vials upon vials of the "cure" laying around and he could have easily injected her with one of them over stabbing her to death!

Magneto got injected with the cure as a defensive measure, but Jean, who they love and are friends with, has to die!?! Beast had four cure vials in his hand - it should have logically went one for each: Magneto, Juggernaut, Pyro, and Jean, but instead - all four in Magneto! Over zealous and not needed, one would have been equally effective. What was the point of the body swaping discussion!?! Then the president, who ordered the cure be given, changes his mind and everyone is friends again! Yeah, probably because he just destroyed 80% of the deadly mutants right there. Right before the credits it shows Magneto at a public park playing Chess alone, and he makes the Chess piece jiggle a little bit - implying that he's getting his powers back. They could have saved the movie ending, for me, if they had an old man sit across from Magneto turn into Mystique and kick his ass. Because, if Magneto was getting his powers back after having 4 injections, then Mystique should have surely been her normal self by that point. She was way too strong and powerful previously to be written out so shamlessly.

And, why the hell is she naked? I thought it was some kind of wierd revealing costume that she wore, but when she lost her powers she was nude - so her vagina has just been hanging out on her mutant skin this entire time? Yeah, no wonder her parents wanted to kill her, she was a prostitute! That character was not lude like that - she was an evil mastermind, not Magneto's whore! They even show sentinals - but only in training, what happened to the ones they were actually building!?! You'd think they'd deploy those at some point, eh? You do not build on things from one movie to another if you are just going to create a movie jujitsu *ie plot hole chalked up to "magic"*

And, if you stay beyond the credits, there is a 20 second scene where Prof X *back from inseneration* is in a hospital bed, a nurse comes in and he says "Moria, how long has it been?" and the nurse gasps! They don't even show Moir Island like they do in the previews. So, alright, everyone Jean disolved is alive again - I'll accept that - so, Scott's going to wake up in the forest and Jean's going to be dead again! Hasn't the poor guy been driven crazy enough? If you are going to establish characters over 2 movies, the deserve more than a bit part in the finale - and if you must kill them off, at least give the other characters some credibility with a FRICKIN' BACKGROUND!

Did the editor actually have a good movie, thought it was running too long, so paniced and chopped the whole thing up? This was NOT right! REVOLT! They tried to end it and that's why it fails for me. You can't end something like this so cut and dry. Hatred is always looming in their world - they've never ever had Friends of Humanity *FOH* But then they undid all their work of trying to end the series by putting these little powers-are-returning-and-X-is-still-alive teasers. WTF ARE YOU TRYING TO DO TO ME!?!

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Birthday's and Such [12 Apr 2006|11:53am]
[ mood | devious ]

Your Famous Last Words Will Be:

"I dunno, press the button and find out."

Happy 21st Birthday to Kristen Cookie - Sorry, wasn't online yesterday to say that!

Happy 20th (?) Birtdhay to cousin Nathan Stevens.

and Happy 11th Birthday to cousin Selin S.

I hope everyone has a great one.

In other news, we got Konami Saturday, he's a really sweet heart, but he hates the other cats and kittens so far. He does have a head shape that reminds me of another breeders cats (which would make sense considering that his great-grandparents are from said breeder). Kisa also flew back with him, hopefully she'll be pregnant with lots of bronze babies!
love me

Tears... [17 Mar 2006|04:50pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

OMG, guess what happened today!?!

I have not heard back from Wal-Mart or Rhode's and getting pretty upset over it. Wal-Mart is doing a background check, so that might be holding it up, but Rhode's was to call back people for hiring Monday the 13th.

Today, at about 3pm, my phone beeps. Now, it has not rung all week, no missed calls are logged, and now I have a voice message out of the blue. Guess what? IT WAS RHODES!!!! They called on Monday at 1:22pm, wanting me back for a 10am interview on Thursday - and I get the message 3pm Friday! *tears*

I'm so upset, I can't even function...

love me

White Day [14 Mar 2006|02:09pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Celebrate White Day March 14

What is White Day?
"No, White Day isn't some White Pride Day or anything but it's a Japanese Holiday. White Day is a holiday that was created by a concentrated marketing effort in Japan. White Day is celebrated in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan on March 14, one month after Valentine's Day. On Valentine's Day, women give gifts to men; on White Day, men who received chocolate on Valentine's Day return the favor and give gifts to women. This holiday is beginning to catch on also in America.

There are many theories about the origins of White Day, but according to one, the holiday began in 1965, when a marshmallow maker started marketing to men that they should pay back the women who gave them chocolate and other gifts with marshmallows. Originally it was called Marshmallow Day, and later it was changed to White Day.

Soon, the chocolate companies started realizing that they could capitalize as well on this day, and began marketing white chocolate. Now, Japanese men give white and non-white chocolate, as well as other edible and non-edible gifts, such as jewelry or objects of sentimental value, to the women who were kind enough to think of them and give them chocolate on Valentine's Day a month prior." -Wikipedia
love me

SO close... [11 Mar 2006|12:47pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Well, I've been on two job interviews in the last two days. Yesterday was a Wal-Mart, today was at Rhode's Farm Market.

Wal-Mart seemed pretty neutral. I didn't get a negative or a positive feeling. I did see a sign saying that they were only hiring part time, so that's probably what I would get. There was this guy there, "William." He was sitting on a bench in layaway with his face in his hands, I thought he was waiting on someone. I checked in that I was there for my appointment and sat down, another girl came in and did the same (for our 2:30 interview). The manager called us back at 5 till, and finally the guy stuck his head up and said "I've been here since 30 till 2, I had a 2:00 interview!" *aww, what a patient a-hole* Anyways, the woman looked at her schedule and the William guy wasn't anywhere on there, no Bill's either! So, after talking to him, I hear the manager say that he came to the WRONG Wal-Mart! OMG, I could have pee laughed right there. *I'm so evil*

I went to the Rhode's interview at 10:45 today, it was late getting started, but *I think* it went smoothly. We seemed to keep talking about our kids (the store manager that interviewed me had an 18 month old girl). It still seemed pretty blah though too, so no idea if I'm getting hired anywhere or not. They want full time, at $7-8 an hour! Whoh hoo! *I'm sad, I know*

I'm getting another Mau, a silver boy from Mystical Maus. I still haven't seen him yet *I'm dying to!* but I'm sure he's soooooo cute that I wouldn't be able to stand it if I did see him. I haven't talked to the breeder in a while though, I hope everything's still okay. I'll post pictures when I get them! But, for now, I wana go out and eat, lol.

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Job Surfing Yet Again... [08 Mar 2006|02:27pm]
[ mood | worried ]

Well, I'm still unemployed, poor, and... well, ya know how it is.

The government has decided that Chibi Cat didn't turn in our taxes, which I did file online myself, so now they want almost $600! We never got out of the red!!! It's such a ridiculous claim, we closed the business down on 6/30/05, and of course, thinking the matter was over, I didn't save the last bit of paperwork! *could kick myself!* I sent in an apeal letter, but without proof, I'm only delaying payment - which I suppose is needed more than anything right now. It really ticks me off, not even a warning letter, just a certified collection letter saying that payment is due within 60 days! Do they want to bankrupt me personally!?!?! I get that they want to make examples out of people with high fines, but Christ, I FILED THE FORM DAMN IT!

I've put in enough applications this week to fill an encyclopedia. Wal Mart called today *I submitted an application yesterda* (although strangely, not the same Wal-Mart that I applied to!). I'm not sure if it's hopeful though. They must be really under staffed to call with 24 hours, but she said that she had an appointment open at 2:30 - so the whole day is filled with interview appointments??? I already feel like I didn't get it, lol.

I was hoping Dannielle could pull some strings at PCA, but saddly, her mom isn't the District Manager there like I thought. I'm a little terrified of everything right now, I feel like my brain is going to anurise on my toes. Which, by the way, I got my bloodwork done for (to see if there's an internal issue causing migranes). I go to the doctor tomorrow, so think happy thoughts for me! *Dannielle! I SAID HAPPY DAMN IT!* I can only work until 09/01/06 anyways, so if it's a terrible job, at least I won't have to be there for long, lol.

My friend backed out on Bane, so now I have a smoke kitten left to place, so far no promising inqueries... Oh, and I started an Egyptian Mau Forum to bring lovers together in a more effective way - http://emaus.proboards52.com is the link. *I think*

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Under the Umbrella Tree [21 Feb 2006|03:33pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Malevolent, Investigator-Harming, Orphan-Snatching Horror from the Isle

I found this on Kristin's journal. I though the "Orphan-Snatching Horror" was too good not to save!

Well, in case no one has pieced the clues together - I'm still unemployeed. We're hoping to place Ein Saturday, we'll see how it goes. I feel guilty...

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KOTOR [19 Feb 2006|10:16pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]


I got to see my Dannielle Friday. And I've come up with a new theory - we are not fat, we are simply jiggly delicious! Actually, I picked that up from some college techies that I used to hang out with when I was in the 10th grade. I was one of those magical rejects that the high school people hated, but all the geeks treated me like a queen. *smoochies to you all my faithful rejects*

I've had someone ask me about Ein from the OSU medical center. Haven't heard back in three days though... *please write back!* Kisa's in heat, driving me insane - she doesn't hold her hormones well, this cat gets all paranoid! Enzo is still screaming daily as if he's being anal raped, smelling Kisa isn't helping the situation. My kittens are such PORKERS! I just realized how over weight they are! Poison Ivy looks like she's going to be diabetic for pizzas sake!

OH! I just found out that OSU offers a class on Confusionism! *yeah?* That such an interesting religion, I'm so glad that have that as well as Taoism. From what I've gathered, Taoism was what the poor believed and Confu's were the rich and/or well educated people. Pain in the ars though: they won't let me take half of the voice acting classes unless I declare a theatre major. *how fucked up is that?*

Now that I know what happens in Brokeback Mountain, I'm dying to see it! *thanks D :P* I mean, a tire iron to the face! *classy* I read the first chapter of volume 13 of Fruits Basket - I love Aayame! He's so right on! I've decided he shall be my new roll model from now on. Whenever someone is evil to me, I will just behave more and more "royal." *and maybe start the cross dressing thing too - that's always fun*

My article was put out in the TICA Trend on the Egyptian Mau. I'm happy with it. That's all I'll say publically... I'm so obsessed with Desperate Housewives, they seem to get as much daily drama as I do in the breeding world. I'm sick of people and their bad attitudes and selfish/childish behavior - you'd think these women were teenagers instead of the 50+ year old adults that they really are...

I finally got to see a movie today! *it's been far too long!* I love the Danberry! When A Stranger Calls was the movie *btw* - I wanted to see Date Movie, but it didn't start until almost 5, and I'm just not that patient to wait 4 hours. I almost opted to see Nanny McPhee, but I don't think I could look at that woman's face while munching popcorn. Dannielle! Let's go see a movie the next time you bonus! I'll pay! *for once* You've bought me so many meals, I feel obligated to put out *someone should get some use out of me, after all* I think Kristin may have had a point - you SHOULD leave me one of your boobs in your will. It'll be more natural than implants, so no dangerous side effects! *if I had big boobs, I'd squeeze them all day*

I'm getting tired of Netflix too. I watch so many bad movies, and the ones I really want? Always a huge wait involved! And, if I'm not the first person to get a new release, it never fails that the disc skips! WTF!?! Funny though, I can get anime on Netflix that was released years ago - and it never EVER has the problems that these new releases do.

*I want chicken, I want liver; Meow Mix, Meow Mix, please deliver.*

Well, I am losing my mind *everything's fine!* if you can't tell. I'm on a sugar high - I had actual soda again today. *I'm so bad* I am ready to bounce off the walls or stick my finger in a light socket or something for entertainment! Maybe I'll start Silent Hill 4 again, that always puts me right to sleep. AH! I saw the trailer for Silent Hill the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *joy* I'm so excited that I could wet myself with anticipation!!! It looks SOOOOOOOOO good that it forces me to write and punctuate like an eleven year old!!!!!!!!!! ( . )( . ) *eyes or boobs?*

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Memories... [09 Feb 2006|12:08pm]
[ mood | rejuvenated ]

I thought I'd share some memories today before I forget them forever.

1) My cousins, Nathan + James were spending the night at my house (I was like 14-ish). Anyways, we we're playing Resident Evil 2 on the PSX downstairs. It's was at least 2-3 in the morning by this point. Well, I get really cold, so I go get one of my mom's fabric quilts that was wadded up on the couch. I bring it into the next room, where the PlayStation is, sit down, and dig my feet in to untangle the quilt.

Then, I felt a cold, slimmy thing in the blanket and I freaked out thinking that Anya had vomited in there or something. I wrap the quilt by hand and find *hand to God* MEAT! Like, deli, packaged ham, with little bites taken out that was wrapped into this quilt. Only me right? *wait, it gets better*

2) A few years before this event, I was sleeping in my room (5th grade year). I'm half awake, feeling sore, so I roll over. A second later I hear a siren like noise, thought it was my alarm clock, and popped up. I saw it was still pitch black out, it was 4 am actually, I turned my head around towards my windows *and pillows* confused. Then I see a huge black frog jump from my pillow onto the follow *!!* Apparently I had been sleeping on the poor things feet. Half asleep, I wasn't asking myself many questions as to WTF was going on. I bent my face over the bed to look and *!!!!!!* it wasn't a frog at all! *I like frogs BTW* It was a fucking mangey bat! And I'd broke it's wing by sleeping on it.

So I go to my parents room freaking out that there's a bat in there. They go in and look, don't find it (but my mom, the bitch saint that she is, found a black scrunchie under my bed and decided to go "here it is" and throw the scrunchie at me. To which I jumped 18 feet in the air and started crying). So, they think I'm nuts and go back to bed. 3 weeks later, I take a shower, go into my room for new clothes, and guess what's flying around the ceiling!?! Yep, mr. bat. I get my dad, who again, doesn't find a thing and they think I'm trying to attention. I finally was so freaked out that I had Anya sleeping with me every night - she caught the bat, and wasn't shy about showing people! Hmm, now all of a sudden I'm not so crazy, but do they apologize? NEVER!

3) Flash forward to my Junior year of high school *at Clay* I almost always took Erik and Kristin home from school, because they lived literally blocks from me (unlike the rest of the students). Anyways, I had this sick little game with Erik where we would play chicken with my car *me driving, he's on the outside* One day, I got really close, I thought for sure he would move. Then, my car tire moved up about 6 inches. Now, I'm thinking, this SOB put a book down there to make me this I hit him! So I parked the car to ruin his textbook. Then I actually look at his face, it's blood red and he's wheezing out "megan! Megan, move your car!" I assume he's messing with me and take my sweet time moving forward. WOW, I've never been so wrong before! I actually did park on his foot! *hahaha! don't mess with me!*

4) The Taiwanese Mofia was our little preforming arts groups where we did crazy shit in public and recorded it. One day, I put James in the drivers seat with the camcorder, we put JR in the trunk and we started driving off. We stopped at the front of Wal-Mart where the stop sign is in front of the main entrance. JR *as planned* jumped out of the trunk and ran away screaming. Now, my top is down on the car, and I start screaming out "don't let that bastard get away! Shoot him! Shoot him!" Good times, good times...

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Languages [08 Feb 2006|01:53pm]
Well, I've come into quite a stack of top notch language listening aids. So far I have Mandarin, Japanese, and Vietnamese - also getting German, Korean, Thai, Russian, and Spanish. I have them on MP3 format, so if anyone is looking for some language program copies I can make a very reasonable deal with ya. *smooch* They're Pimsleur (the stuff that costs almost $200 per set), I have a lot of different Japanese ones, maybe all that they've released recently.

Anyways, I've placed 2 of my kittens - Eddie (bronze) and Mary (black) are going to a duel home in PA - Eddie is going to a very nice lady that seems to love the breed, Mary's going to live with a silver Mau and is being given to the new owner as a wedding gift from mom *aka Eddie's new owner* - I usually don't allow my babies to be bought by third parties, but if he already has a Mau and wants another one, I doubt a problem will arise.

Lots to do and little time to do it in, so I'll be off quickly today!
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movicle [01 Feb 2006|10:47am]
[ mood | flirty ]

Yeah, I'm making up words now! Wana fight about it?

I bought and watched the Corpse Bride last night - it was so sad! The ending killed me - I liked the dead girl better. Overall though, too predictable, and WTF was Danny Elfman thinking on those songs? Apparently, he's one of those poor souls that can only produce good work with he's miserbly stoned off his ass. Speaking of which, the movie did have a Warner Brother's esq problem of plot holes. *does every animated movie they make have to be that way???* It seems like they approve a skript and never look at the project again! *they should feel embarassed!*

But... I did love all the one-liners, especially when Christopher Lee's character was trying to keep the zombies(?) out of the church. And *BIG SPOILER* she turned into butterflies and disolved - WTF was that?!? It panged my heart, but not as badly as The Good Earth did.

Has anyone else read that? Because it just left me with this terrible empty, helpless feeling like I have never in my left felt over other people. *let alone fictional people* Maybe it just struck me hard because of all the international adoption research I've been doing. You know, in many 3rd world nations, the girls are seen as slaves, who are produced for the soul benefit of another man's family. Whereas the boys are to stay at home and carry on the family pride or whatever. But, more boys are left in orphanages than girls (minus China who's fucked up by it's own right). Why is that? Because people are giving up the boys and selling these girls as young as age 7 to be married off *or concubines* to other men or families, or even sell them into slavery if they can get a better price. *Rhythme Nation by Janet Jackson, she had it all right*

Then people carry on to adopt in your own country - FYI crazies, even the higher level families in most 3rd world countries do not live half as well as the children in American orphanages - so how do you think the 3rd world orphans are living? Japan pisses me off all on it's own with the topic, because it is socially acceptable in Japan to adopt a child from China, but unless you are related to a Japanese orphan, it is a social stigma to adopt "another families burdon." And it's high discouraged as it will cause permanent disgrace to the family name that the orphaned child is associated with. *Are you mad!?!* So these kids are supposed to be homeless for life so that their biological family isn't embarassed by their family registry? *which no one outside of the family is allowed to see!* The best part, after these kids turn 6, no one in the world can adopt them - and if memory serves, 20 is the legal adult age in Japan.

And don't even get my started on Angelina Jolie who acts like such a high-and-mighty good person but can't stop herself from screwing someone elses husband! You're a dirty freak and a whore! ACCEPT IT! And Bush, you JERK, how dare you pre-empt Comander and Chief - I wanted to watch the good president last night, not you! My goddess, if Drawn Together wasn't coming on tonight I would be throwing a bitch fit all day.

Now to go skitsophrenic on you, *tehehe* while looking for anything non-Bush to watch last night, I ended up on Billy and Mandy on cartoon network. I have no idea what that show is about, but out of the blue they started spoofing DBZ and going super saiyan. *resistance to the pee laugh was futile* I also put in resumes to the vets all over Chillicothe and Circleville. *but not Kingston because those vets are (fill in blank here)* And I'll probably still end up at Olan Mills. *tear* Well, I think I'm done ranting for the moment. *tune in tomorrow*

Orange cat love to you all, let us pray that the end is near... If not, we must do our best to make whitey riot...

love me

Drifting... [30 Jan 2006|04:27pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

Well, my mind keeps drifting off to the Corpse Bride *just one more day!* will it be good? Will it be awful? Or, worse, will it be mediocre? I'm in a dancing mood, maybe I should dig out the DDR pads... if it gets too easy I can always put it on two player and make it like a game of twister. *I still miss Bust-A-Groove*

I wana jump the gun and buy some scrubs, but I know I shouldn't. *do VA's even wear scrubs?* I've found a place that'll custom make me Batman scrubs, and SpongeBob Tiki scrubs - I CAN'T STAND IT! Even though I know, deep down, that my lazy behind could make the scrubs myself - it's not the same! *I wonder if she would make me the flannel Monster's Inc. scrubs if I found the fabric again...*

I've just heard the newest Furuba release will be March 5th, so anyone who doesn't read the translations better tell me now so that I can ruin it all for you. *I love to make fan girls cry* Will she die? Will she not? Or will she simply go comatose??? Only the Ring Finger Knows *hahaha - I kill me* - which by the way, I've been looking for all day and can't find, anyone know who publishes it? *I wana buy a little shrine and pray to it...*

" Congratulations, Megan!
Your IQ score is 126

This number is based on a scientific formula that compares how many questions you answered correctly on the Classic IQ Test relative to others.

Your Intellectual Type is Visual Mathematician. This means you are gifted at spotting patterns — both in pictures and in numbers. These talents combined with your overall high intelligence make you good at understanding the big picture, which is why people trust your instincts and turn to you for direction — especially in the workplace. And that's just some of what we know about you from your test results."

I spoke with some low-level nobody at Ohio U today, apparently, now that I'm all signed up to go nobody is willing to talk with me. I have to sign a housing waiver before they'll even let me come visit my department advisor. I need to know what I have to do to take the German placement test and I'm sick of waiting for answers. Have I mentioned what I'm doing yet? Well, for those of you just tuning in *all zero of you* here's a recap:

I plan on leaving Ohio University *the real one in Athens* with the following:
B.A. Linguistics
B.A. German
Minor Japanese
Minor World Religions
Minor Theatre
Certificate Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Certificate East Asian Studies
*yes, I've added more lately*

What will I do with this? Well, there are several possibilities. I can teach high school, a horrible, thankless, cruel job; I may be able to teach at certain colleges since languages are hard pressed; I can translate for a manga company; I could do voice over work; I can teach English anywhere in the world; I could do business in Germany/Netherlands/Austria; I can work for an international adoption agency; most importantly, I can freak Christians out and pick apart their religion. *the dream becomes reality*

I'm just waiting and waiting for my FASFA to come in... *I'm so board!* Maybe I'll just sit back and watch all 600 of the Lupin the 3rd movies... But then I'll get antsy because I won't be online... *I'm in a bad phase of addiction* Aww, I have a picture of Dannielle taped to my computer *when the hell did that get there?* I wana go to the gay pride parade this year and pick up some locals. It's hard when you're a fag-less hag - it's all red necks up here - not a single gay man anywhere. Who am I supposed to go shopping with!?!

You know, I don't know why, but I've had the ex-men in my life popping up in my head lately. *wow, that's a real pathetic list* Hmm... I'm going to rant, I don't rant on here nearly enough:
there's the guy that liked to slap me around, joined the army, and threatened to kill me when I left him, *I can pick 'em! This is also after he drove his car into a tree because of me, or so he says.*
the a-hole army rocker who went AWAL the day after 9/11, *he implied suicide if I wouldn't date him - pure pitty I suppose*
the West Side hick whose favorite expression was "friends before hoes" and started f'ing his ex 2 weeks after we we're going out, *yeah, that was a real great one - he called last month wanted to get back together, which he does every 6 months*
the weird skinny guy who wouldn't pay attention to me, *I "jokingly" offered him a three-some to come visit me one night, but he declined - wtf? gay?*
the bum with two kids and a broken back who stole a ton of money from me, *serious*
the potentially perfect older man that acted interested, then decided that he didn't like who I was - but couldn't make up his mind so he strung me along for a few months, sex free, yet leaving me in total limbo, *broke my heart twice, OMG I loved him*
the other hick who was a friend of the first, *you'd think my spidey sense would have went off on that one*
the jerk that I was in love with *who actually got my personality and liked it* that kept blowing me off and then got mad when I finally gave up and dated someone else, *he never spoke to me again*
the creepy user with the split teeth, *I was lonely and he played video games, what can I say?*
the *finally* super hot actor guy who pretended to like me but was really trying to screw everything female, *dogs and pigs included - he was such a bad actor, I should have known better*
the semi-hottie *that Meslissa stated was shaped like a question mark* who was my co-star in Love, Sex, and the IRS that asked me out, got waisted, and started making out with another girl in my presence, *then got made when I cut ties and dated someone else* he also told everyone else on the cast that I spit on him *people who know me - would I even do such a thing and deny it?*

BTW I'm not saying that I splet with this slew of guys. Idiots and thespians and dead end go-nowhere a-holes - it's my life story I swear! That's my 2000-2001 track record there and all I can say for myself is - I must have had no self esteem and been very, VERY depressed. That's not even counting the 4 dozen plus guys that would proclaim their love for me when they didn't even know what color my eyes were, let alone who the hell I was to be able to love me. *I'm sure it had nothing to do with being the "rich" chick who drives a Mustang.* Strangely, when I stopped dating these boys, I also stopped smoking and drinking - see how the world gives you signs? What have I learned? *men suck?* No, but close. I'm not going to play the quite, shrinking violet anymore. It's not worth it at all - so I am now just me 24/7, I say whatever pops into my head and I act impulsively. If I'm happy I'll dance around, if I'm pissed, you're not going to hear the end of it until I'm validated - and if someone won't listen or pangs me, then yes, I will be the "queen of holding grudges." I'm tired of catering, and I will go on until I get my way or get defeated (or possibly a reasonable compromise - but not likely) - so if you can't stand toe to toe with me, go away. This way, if people don't like me they can do it upfront instead of having to figure me first.

And now I spend half my days trying to convince other high school girls that they're worth a damn and don't need boys to complete themselves/be a white knight. Sometimes you have to pick up the sword and be your own knight in shinning armor - because if you won't fight for yourself, who the hell will?

I have three favorite pieces of advice:
No man loves a slut for very long;
Whatever they say about you that you don't like, don't prove them right;
and, Foolish are those who depend on the undependable. I wrote that last one *well, alter ego #2 - aka Lady of the Taqua Lake - really wrote that one I suppose*

And no matter what, the giant Hello Kitty goes where I go.

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[29 Jan 2006|07:32am]
[ mood | quixotic ]

Name: Megan
“Special” Name: Mihoshi
Where from: Ohio
Sign: Scorpio
Zodiac: Rat
Religion: Shinto Buddhism
Pet Peeve: Madonna, Republicans, Angelina Jolie + Brad Pitt, Funimation, and idiots in general.

Now, for the favorites:
Color: Jade Green
Movie: Love On A Diet
Cartoon Movie (American): Nightmare Before Christmas, Lady & the Tramp, The Corpse Bride, Lion King, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Anastasia, The Mask of the Phantasim
Television show: Commander in Chief, Family Guy, Desperate Housewives, Moral Oral
Song: If You Were Here – Jennifer
Band/Artist: Shakka Zombie
Book: The Good Earth
Anime: Fruits Basket, Ah! My Goddess (OVA), Trigun, Gravitation, Tenchi Universe
“American” Cartoon: Teen Titans, Justice League Unlimited, Batman, Batman Beyond, X-Men Evolution, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Boondocks
Manga: Fruits Basket, Alichino, Kare Kano, Kingdom Hearts, Tokyo Mew Mew, Sailor Moon
Video Game: Zombies Ate My Neighbors, Pikmin, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy VII, Zoo Tycoon, Leisure Suit Larry, The Playboy Mansion, Katamari!
Magazine: Cat Fancy, Anime Insider

Most disliked:
Color: dark, murky colors
Movie: Mallenium Actress (way too sad)
Cartoon Movie (American): The sequel to ANYTHING
Television show: Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Gunsmoke, E.R.
Song: Follow Me – Uncle Cracker
Band/Artist: Korn
Book: The Black Cauldron
Anime: Full Metal Alchemist, Agentosoma, InuYasha (at this point), Ghost in the Shell
“American” Cartoon: Totally Spies – are there any other American Cartoons left?
Manga: Fruits Basket (it’s time to end it Takaya!)
Video Game: Shaq-Fu, E.T. (Atari), King Kong *wtf is that?*
Magazine: Country Living, Prevention, the AARP they keep sending me.

love me

Alison Wonderland *oh! I still slay me!* [28 Jan 2006|04:34pm]
[ mood | predatory ]

Well, interesting day today. Took my 5 Egyptian Mau kittens to the vet for THEIR Chlamydia, they already look perfect again. Harley Quinn looks so much healthier already! (ya know, I wanted to name her Dr Harleen Quinzelle and be REALLY authentic, but the name was too long to fit on the regsitration!). *no one gets the reference*

I've just started talking with another new breeder, she seems really nice, so hopefully we will exchange kittens soon. Not that I NEED another Mau, they're just that addictive, hahaha. Every home should be owned by one.

hmm... what else, what else? Oh! Dannielle stopped by yesterday, so I got my feel up fix *inside joke* Oh my goddess she bought me a Kyo head purse! I LOVES IT! It was wise of her to give it to me willingly, otherwise I would have had to turn into Gollum and take it away into the darkness with me *do I even make sense to ME anymore?* And I got some swaggy buttons. There's a fan drawn Chii that's staring into my soul as we speak *god those eyes are freaky lifeless...* I fully endore the Dannielle-fund-ation. Boobs for the homeless *not affiliated with Tits for Tots*

Did I even explain my little *'s yet? That's my manga-style internal dialog. It makes it easier for me to look totally pathetic. *hahaha* And it makes me feel like Shigure for some reason, I guess I'm just a pervert at heart, lol! *no one gets it...*

Well, it looks like I might actually put that Veterinary Assistant certification to real use soon! *yay!* Local vets are short handed, so even I have to start looking pretty damn appealing soon *go me!* But Ein has to go *Banta-kun sad...*

It seems as though I've had so many people visit my cattery website this month that it's exceeded it's bandwidth limit and shut itself down. *I wonder what would happen if my Care Bear army decided to revolt...* Sorry, sometimes I tune in and out of what I'm saying...

Without explaination I will state - I've fricken had it with men! I'm swearing off - WOMEN ONLY NOW! *am I kidding? No one knows! mwahahaha* And Dannielle, if you're reading this - I was up all damn night thinking about The Corpse Bride, so... TOHRU'S DEAD!

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Stealing [27 Jan 2006|10:27am]
[ mood | pissed off ]

I saw this in Kristin's journal, so I'm stealing it too (and thus the cycle continues).

Women should learn self-defense.
Women should lock themselves in their houses after dark.
Women shouldn't have long hair and women shouldn't wear short skirts.
Women shouldn't leave drinks unattended.
Fuck, they shouldn't dare to get drunk at all.

How about:
-if a woman is drunk, don't rape her.
-if a woman is walking alone at night, don't rape her.
-if a women is unconscious, don't rape her.
-if a woman is wearing a short skirt, don't rape her.
-if a woman is jogging in a park, don't rape her.
-if a woman looks like your ex-girlfriend, don't rape her.
-if a woman is asleep in her bed, don't rape her.
-if a woman is asleep in your bed, don't rape her.
-if a woman is doing her laundry, don't rape her.
-if a woman is in a coma, don't rape her.
-if a woman changes her mind in the middle of or about a particular activity, don't rape her.
-if a woman has repeatedly refused a certain activity, don't rape her.
-if a woman is actually a young child, don't rape her.
-if your girlfriend or wife is not in the mood, don't rape her.
-if your step-daughter is watching tv, don't rape her.
-if you break into a house and find a woman there, don't rape her.
-if your friend thinks it's okay to rape someone, tell him he's a fucking idiot.
-if your "friend" tells you he raped someone, report him to the police.
-if a guy at the party tells you there's an unconscious woman upstairs and it's your turn, call he police and tell the guy he's a rapist.
*here's one I'm adding* -if a guy rapes you, cut off his fucking dick! It can be classified as self defense.

Tell your sons, god-sons, nephews, grandsons, sons of friends it's not okay to rape someone.

If you know a rape victim:
-don't imply that she could have avoided it if she'd only done/not done x.
-don't imply that it's in any way her fault.
-don't let silence imply agreement when someone tells you he "got some" with the drunk girl.
-don't perpetuate a culture that tells you that you have no control over or responsibility for your actions. You too can help yourself.

love me

[26 Jan 2006|09:59pm]
You are alice from the movie Resident evil. Alice

is not your typical heroines. She is Heroines

with BIG H. She kicks asses whether their

owners are alive or not.

Which horror movie character are you ?
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You are a daring soul. You are truely unique and

love having fun. Where-ever you go, you are

the life of the party! You try things your

friends wouldn't dare do, and love adventure.

Life is too short to be dull, SO GOOD FOR


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Rate and Message!! Thanks! :)

You're Honey and Clover! Sweet, but daring. You're

not afraid to express yourself. You're both

soft and hard, but deep down you just want to

be happy. You're kind of wacky sometimes,

admit it!

What Little-Known Manga Are You? (wide variety, pics)
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Isn't this hilarious!
You are most like the ANGEL! The angel, reffered to

many as the people of God are a symbolistion

hope, faith, good-will and all of such

miracles. Though no-one will ever really know

if they exist or not. People who are

reffered to as angels are seen as helpful and

kind, just like you.

What Mythical Creature Best Represents You? (Pretty Pics)
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You are a dark elf. You do love, but if anyone

found out, they'd be toast. You are not evil,

but you like people to think you are!

What elf are you? *sweet anime pic*
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You are loving on the

inside.You don't show

much compasion to people

but you love them deeply.

You are most likely waiting

for your true love ♥.

♥:.What Are You On The Inside?.:♥ (for girls)
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You believe yourself as mysterious, esoteric

person! People describe you as a mysterious

person!!! People really don't know much

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love to look at! Plus you are very, nice and

caring, in your own way!!!

~What do you believe yourself as?(Stunning ANIME pictures!!!)~
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=| + What Kind of Soul Do You Have? [beautiful pictures] + |=
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Jobs [26 Jan 2006|03:01pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Well, I've got a few job possibilities up in the air. One is Olan Mills as a pre-seller, I have a feeling telemarketing will be involved, and I'm not too happy of that idea. Basically, pay sucks. I could sell portraits though, I'd kick ars with that - I sold Curves memberships like no one else - but I hate the telephone, and I'm fricken deaf - come on!

The other is for Once Upon A Child - apparently they've had SO many people leave at once that now the store is only open twice a week. Pretty sad. I think I would like that work better, but not running the whole store alone (which would be a must considering NO ONE ELSE WORKS THERE).

Harley Quinn Loves Jokers' eyes are getting worse. Pamela Isley and Edward Nygma are just fine, but Bane Take Venom and Mary Dahl are getting yuckie too. I know I need to go to a vet, but I have no idea how I'm going to haul five little Egyptian Mau kittens all the way into town when they can open the crates and fit threw the cracks.

I'm also quite miffed right now. Apparently B. M. (another breeder) is getting my clients rowled up - because he wants them himself no doubt. I think I'm going to lose the woman I had wanting to show Pam as an alter, all because I don't have the history that B. M. is telling her I have to have. If I kill him, would it be considered a hate crime? I'm so ticked over the whole thing! This guys been an asshole to me since before I started breeding!

love me

Doctor Doctor [25 Jan 2006|06:02pm]
[ mood | distressed ]

OMG I finally went to the doctor yesterday (haven't been since 2001), jeez there's a lot wrong with me.

Let's see, I have feline Chlamydia (yes - from cats!) - thankfully it's upper resp. infection when it's the cat kind, and NO I do not have an STD. This sickness is courtesy of A.N.Y.A. sleeping in my face and coughing! Apparently, I'm one of less than 1,000 humans to get it from their cat *wow I feel so special, sign me up for the special olympics I'm so special!*. The kittens have it really badly too - argh!

I'm migrain prone, so I'm on Imitrex now. Fin-a-fricken-ly!

Hmm, apparently, I'm either allergic to the country life or my own sweat - either way it's a weird case involving a disapearing rash. I'll be glad to get out of the country though, so maybe it will resolve itself.

Oh, and I am correct that I'm partially deaf - isn't life grand? My Goddess! I'm falling apart at 21, what the heck am I going to be when I'm 40? *dead?*

I also got a big F-U from OU today in regards to my transfer credits. They're cutting out over 14 creidts, possibly more if they can't find classes to equal the ones I have. BUT, on the plus side, I did get my WWF fleece blanket today (yes, I only donate to get the freebies, I'm a bitch like that). The Abandoned Babies Center has my eye for their gold plated pendant as well, mwahahaha...

You scored as Theater. You should be a Theater major! Like a bohemian actress, you are seasoned and confident and not afraid to express yourself!






























What is your Perfect Major? (PLEASE RATE ME!!<3)
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Hmm, Linguistics isn't 100% - is this an early sign?

And if I see Bob's Big Plan one more time, I'm just going to shoot myself! I need a break!
love me

Quiz Lightnin' [23 Jan 2006|10:28pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]

Ah! I found a Teen Titans quiz! I love it! Aww, and I love BB too! OMG Saturday's episode was terrible for me! I get too into the superhero drama - and they brought back Tara! Oh! I hate it! It was worse than Tohru's potential death! NO CLOSURE - it's always the worst kind! *no one has any idea what the hell I'm talking about, well that's okay since no one reads my journal, lol* I'll always know why I'm crying, lol.

You scored as B.B.. your beast boy






Robin the boy wonder












which teen titan R U!!!
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Now let me take a religious test. Lets see, I'm Shinto Budhist, so what do the results say?

You scored as Buddhism. Your beliefs most closely resemble those of Buddhism. Do more research on Buddhism and possibly consider becoming Buddhist, if you are not already.

In Buddhism, there are Four Noble Truths: (1) Life is suffering. (2) All suffering is caused by ignorance of the nature of reality and the craving, attachment, and grasping that result from such ignorance. (3) Suffering can be ended by overcoming ignorance and attachment. (4) The path to the suppression of suffering is the Noble Eightfold Path, which consists of right views, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right-mindedness, and right contemplation. These eight are usually divided into three categories that base the Buddhist faith: morality, wisdom, and samadhi, or concentration. In Buddhism, there is no hierarchy, nor caste system; the Buddha taught that one's spiritual worth is not based on birth.




















Which religion is the right one for you? (new version)
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Satanism? HEY! That's kind of rough don't you think? I don't believe in the devil, so how the Hell can I worship him? Shinto isn't even on there - neither is Toaism, Catholisism, or many other top religions. Is this descrimination because my religion doesn't have a symbol?

I wish I could find a quiz for what kind of Pocky I would be *glica glica*. Ah, I'll never forget Neko Cons Marshmellow Pocky riot of 2003 - those were the good 'ol days!

demon of michief

pranks are your past time and your annoying to all

but of your own kind

What Kind Of Angel/ Demon Are You?
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Goth Fae
You are a angry person,probably the anger is

sadness thats been converted into anger,at

least you are yourself and if youre not you

need to change!
express your feelings dont keep it all in,you are

very unique and people may be un friendly

beacause of that,ignore them they are

probably to rapped up in themselves,bad times

and emotions fade but you have to let them!
to be happy you dont block out emotions,or pretend

they arent there you accept them.
your life is full of many oppertunities and youre

personality is a brilliant one!
get rid of anger or sadness,keep on being you and

have fun!!!

sorry if youre just a gothic person who isnt angry

or sad at all coz it annoys me if i say my

favourite colour is black and they tell me i

want to cut myself,that just isnt

Thanx xxx

You, your life and everything!! (Beautiful anime pics and v.detailed results)
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Kairi- You love adventure. You like a guy who is

not afraid to share their affection and fight

for you. You feel like you lost your true


Message me. I'm a guy.

Which Princess of Heart Are You? (Girls Only)(Any type of girls accpected)
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Oh I love Kairi, I'm naming my first daughter Kairi Videl (potentially adopted from Japan or Vietnam), then the next will be from Somoa - Andraia Rinoa, after that is Russia with Nathalie Anastasia - then to Hong Kong for Jullisa Caidence, and somewhere in the mix we'll throw in a Taiwanese boy, Kyo Xander (or maybe Xavier, we'll see how X-men is rating at the time). I don't plan ahead at all do I? *hahaha, I'm nuts*

You love food. Maybe too much... Your culture is

not the best. But you are very friendly. You

tend to be a control freak sometimes. But

people forgive you because you give out a

You would like to work in hollywood later.

What nationality should be yours?
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Stay still, it's ok. We are going to call 911,

they'll send you very sweet people wearing

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nice place where they take care of Internet

addicted people like you.
And no, it's not Google's home or Bill Gates


How addicted to Internet are you?
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My Goddess, this entry will never end will it? Okay, okay, just a few more for my beloved Furuba!

kyo is a hottie
You are Kyo

Who are you from Fruits Basket?[cool Fruits Baskets pics for you Fruits Basket fans!]
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Your Angel Valentine.Age 15.She's Sagittarius and

has her brother spirit of Aries living in her

body.A sweet but tough girl who really cares

about her family.She's my main character.This

is what she looks like.Just picture with pink

streaks in her hair and not wearing that


Which one of the characters from my Fruits Basket quizzes are you?(Boys and Girls.IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT MY FRUITS BASKET QUIZZES AT THE END!!)
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You passed!!!! Good job, you're a true Furuba


How Much Do You Really Know About Fruits Basket?
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You know a ton about Fruits Basket, good job! You

probably read the Japanese volumes as well as

the American ones or you just got lucky.

Either way, congrats!

How much do you know about Fruits Basket?
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love me

Ahhh! [18 Jan 2006|01:58pm]
[ mood | distressed ]

Well, spent all day in the ER yesterday. I was so sick, not sure from what, they think it was viral. I lost 9 pounds in 12 hours, vomiting everywhere! Then I get up today and say, "let's get Mexican food!" Not my brightest moment...

The new Fruits Basket chapter came out. Oh, it hurts! Tohru did fall off of a cliff, not a dream sequence at all. Shigure and Yuki came home and found Akito standing there, asking why Tohru wasn't moving. They called an ambulance and Hatori (apparently the two slowest moving things on the planet), Kyo came back, freaked out and went to the backyard where Tohru was still laying. He was going to move her, but Yuki said 'don't touch' he had blood all over his hands just from touching her hair! OH, it hurts! Then she half way woke up and said a goodbye-type sentence to him, then she couldn't speak any more! Then Kyo like apologized and kissed her- end chapter! OH - I HATE IT!

love me

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